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THC Talk: Sativa Marijuana Explained

THC Talk: Sativa Marijuana Explained

Big Nugget of Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Welcome to another addition of THC talk. Today we’re all about sativas! Mornings can be a drag. sometimes it is nice to have some extra energy to get the job done. We’ve always known coffee can offer a good source of energy, but did you know Cannabis does too? Marijuana has three types of strains. Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. This blog will be exploring the effects of sativa strains. Typically, sativas leave the individual feeling energized, uplifted, and stimulated cerebrally.

The Feelings:

Recently we discussed Sativa vs Indica, and did a deep dive into Indica Strains. Today, however, is all Sativa. The sour, skunky energy that helps the day go by. The benefits of sativa cannabis can be easily seen. The individual is left feeling:

  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Sociable
  • Cheerful
  • Energic
  • Alert

These are a few common experiences that keep Sativa smokers coming back. The experiences are great for daytime use but it pairs well with doing daily tasks/chores. Marijuana can naturally provide the energetic/clarity boost most people seek in the morning. Imagine your body is a car, sativa cannabis is like giving the pedal a little extra gas. The more sativa marijuana you use, the further down the gas pedal is being pressed. This is great for someone who has a creative or high energy lifestyle.

The Benefits:

Sativas pair well with daytime use and are known for leaving the smoker uplifted, energetic and euphoric. This can help with regulating mood, help with problem solving, anxiety, lack of sleep and much more. The benefits can be felt in everyday life or to deal with a specific event. If a person is drinking several cups of coffee to get through the day, then why not look at a natural source of energy? Everyone could benefit from cannabis in their life.

The Visuals:

Sativa plants usually are 8-15 feet tall and take between 10-16 weeks to fully mature. THC levels are typically higher in sativas than indicas (this isn’t always the case), which is why they are more of a heady daytime high. Indica plants are known for the heavy, body feeling. Don’t forget to check out our THC talk for Indica if you have more questions.

Now that we’ve reviewed sativas and indicas our next THC Talk will be about Hybrids. Leave a comment with your favorite sativa, india and hybrid strains. Don’t forget to check out our online menu!


Do you know the real myths of 420?

Do you know the real myths of 420?

Happy 420, the international smokers holiday. Celebrations are in order, but do you know the real myths of 420? 

People from all over the world spark and toke up to celebrate the special day. We want to invite everyone to come check out our dispensary to see what deals and fun we are getting into on 420. Click here to see our Online Menu. Celebrating 420 has always held a special place in the cannabis community because it became the unofficial calling card, a time dedicated to the plant. Enthusiast know, once 420 rolls around, the marijuana gets rolled up. 

Looking for information surrounding 420 can be a little frustrating because there is no clear origin of the phrase “420”, but that’s where we come in. At Nature Med, we’ve researched a few popular myths regarding 420. Leave a comment letting us know what is your favorite 420 origin story.

While it is true that 420 is shrouded in mystery, one of the most common origin stories revolves around an ensemble of teens out in California. The story goes, they would regularly meet at a wall after school at 4:20. This is when they would begin a habitual smoke session that would later take on a whole new meaning. During a smoke sesh, the group became aware of a map that would lead the kids to a Marijuana plant that was left by a Member of the Coast Guard. All the teens had to do was find the plant and the free bud would be theirs! 

Nothing did come of this, but the meeting time 4:20 grew bigger than any plant could. The teens didn’t know it but their  slang made it to the main stage. A reporter for High Times Magazine was at a Grateful Dead concert Christmas of 1990. While at the concert, someone handed him a flyer that said, “ “We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420-ing in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais.” The reporter was intrigued by the flyer and sent it to High Time. They wrote a story about the event and the rest is history. They were able to help introduce 420 to the world and it hasn’t stopped growing. In hindsight the kids grew up around the Grateful Dead so it’s no surprise that their slang was able to reach such a large audience.

The unofficial holiday is celebrated globally and there are more stories about it’s creation. Another famous origin story involves Bob Dylan. Dylan made a song in 1966 titled “Rainy Day Women 12 & 35.” The legend goes, while listening to the song a person realized, if you multiply 12 by 35 you get…. 420! Sadly, this isn’t enough to label Dylan as the 420 King but you cannot deny the power of the myth. 

The complexity of 420 doesn’t need humans to tell the story. Some believe that 420 refers to the best time to plant cannabis plants. Legend says, if you plant a tree on that day you’ll be destined for full flowers and big nugs. Another myth is that 420 is a reference to the amount of chemical compounds found in a single cannabis plant. 

The conflicting myth of 420 ensures the legend of the myth will never die. The origin isn’t as important as what 420 symbols today. Cannabis advocates regard 420 as if it were the Black Friday of Marijuana industry. These stories are pieces of legend passed down from generation to generation, solidifying the smokers bond. 

Don’t forget to stop by Nature Med on 4/20 to check out our holiday specials and connect with our staff. You can also visit our website to see our Online Menu. Leave us a comment below letting us know your favorite 420 myth.